Making Travel Plans

When planning your get away for this summer, if you are thinking of all the snow like us that we are getting. Your really ready now, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, did you know that the best deals can be found for travel during the first two weeks of June and the last two weeks of August.

Where will you go? this plays a big role in pricing. But if you choose the right destination you will be able to save alot. For instance, the New Yorker that wants to go to London in mid June, there are deals as low as 600.00 or better.

Also another way to save is to avoid heavy times of travel, which can actually save $ 20 per ticket. Holidays too, staying clear of those times can save you a bundle. On another note, some cannot afford big vacations, so why not drive?

That is what we plan on doing this year and you too, can enjoy a simple vacation and don’t forget that many nice places have pools for the children to swim and have fun. You might like it if they also have game rooms for fun. My kids loved this activity and asked for money every hour on the hour. But of course we tried to be reasonable with them.

Stay in a nice hotel, go to Tampa, maybe New York where rates are down! So when you get your income tax check, get on it and start your thinking and planning now.

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